Frankie Cocozza Favourite In Celebrity Big Brother Final Betting

Frankie Cocozza is the firm favourite with the bookmakers to win this series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The teenage X Factor “bady boy” has grown in popularity during his stay in the house and appears to be liked by everybody bar twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

Frankie is now 2.5 (Ladbrokes) favourite to win which would be a remarkable turnaround for the 19-year-old.

Perennial bookmakers favourite for eviction, Nicola McLean was given the boot last night while Romeo was the second person to leave in the double eviction show.

Nicola was met by a chorus of boos from the audience upon her exit and was barracked continuously during her interview with host Brian Dowling.

Romeo was cheered and appeared happy enough to be evicted, stating he felt it was “his time” to leave. We felt so too and predicted he would leave in Wednesday’s show because he had nothing left to give.

This is how the other remaining four housemates fair in the betting:

Denise Welch

Must be getting the sympathy vote to edge into second favourite in the betting. Denise is undoubtedly a kind person with a heart of gold but she has a lot of issues which are magnified by alcohol consumption. The talk show host is set to earn a packet discussing them when she leaves the house but whether her participation will do her career any long term favours remains to be seen.

To Win Outright: 3.5 (Boylesports)

Gareth Thomas

Former bookmakers favourite Gareth is out to third in the betting. Viewers have not seen much of the former Welsh rugby hero in recent edited shows due to the focus on arguments which he refrained from getting involved in. A popular character with all the housemates – he received just one nomination compared to 13 in total received by Georgia, Michael and Karissa & Kristina, but he may not have the beating of Frankie when it comes to the voting public.

To Win Outright: 4.5 (Bet Victor)

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

The former Playboy models know they are unpopular with the voting public but their self confidence/arrogance will make them believe they have a chance of winning after surviving Wednesday’s eviction. First eviction material for the final show on Friday night?

To Win Outright: 15.0 (Betfred)

Michael Madsen

Hollywood actor Michael has done very well to reach the final after looking like first eviction material when he first entered the house. He has taken Frankie under his wing and offered the youngster a lot of advice and support over the past weeks. If Frankie wins, some of that will be down to the Reservoir Dogs star.

To Win Outright: 15.0 (Sky Bet)

Frankie Cocozza Or Gareth Thomas To Win Celebrity Big Brother

In a huge change of public sentiment, former X Factor “bad boy” Frankie Cocozza is joint favourite in the Celebrity Big Brother betting alongside Gareth Thomas to win the show.

Frankie, the youngest housemate in this year’s series, was as big as 13.0 to win the show after his early behaviour in the show appeared to lose public support, but he is now a best-priced 2.5 (Sky Bet) to walk out a winner.

Former rugby player Gareth Thomas was leading the betting this past week but has now slipped to second favourite at a best price of 2.75 (Bet Victor).

Two evictions are set to take place on Wednesday’s show. Yet again, Nicola McLean is the odds-on favourite to leave at 1.73 (Ladbrokes). The glamour model has been the favourite to go when eligible for the last three evictions but has seen off Georgia Salpa, Kirk Norcross and Natalie Cassidy so far.

This is how the remaining seven housemates fair in the betting:

Frankie Cocozza

Edged into the bookmakers favourite slot to win the show outright. Frankie hasn’t changed much during his time in the house. He’s still smoking, drinking, masturbating and trying his hardest to get off with the twins. But, the public are now warming to him. He stuck up for Denise during another drunken fallout in the house and told Nicola straight she had her “tongue up the girls’ [twins] arse” and that she had changed since Natalie Cassidy’s eviction. Good lad.

To Win Outright: 2.5 (Sky Bet)
First Eviction On Wednesday: 29.0 (Sky Bet)

Gareth Thomas

A genuinely nice bloke who has displayed vulnerability and naivety during his time in the house. He was hilarious during the hoax Japanese chat show task. Gareth was the favourite to win the show for well over a week but has since been eclipsed by Frankie.

To Win Outright: 2.75 (Bet Victor)
First Eviction On Wednesday: 34.0 (Ladbrokes)

Denise Welch

Chat show host Denise does not appear to be having a good time in the house. When alcohol is consumed, she goes berserk. Days after frolicking topless in the hot tub with Frankie, she attempted to pull down Karissa’s pyjama bottoms and was involved in an argument with Nicola. A slew of television appearances and magazine interviews enabling her to talk about her “demons” are surely in the pipeline.

To Win Outright: 8.0 (Sky Bet)
First Eviction On Wednesday: 7.5 (Sky Bet)

Michael Madsen

Actor Madsen is doing his best to separate himself from the rest of the housemates unless he is forced to participate, such as in tasks. Has a bizarre relationship with Denise which varies depending on how much alcohol has been consumed. Looked a good bet to win at one stage but is now equally likely to be evicted on Wednesday as he is to emerge victorious.

To Win Outright: 10.0 (bet365)
First Eviction On Wednesday: 10.0 (Bet Victor)


Rapper Romeo has done his best to play it cool throughout the show. He’s probably just grateful to be on television again and doesn’t want to blow his chance of a comeback. He’s managed to avoid eviction so far but may leave on Wednesday as he hasn’t really got anything else to give apart from sitting around in the garden, wearing his coat and smoking.

To Win Outright: 17.0 (bet365)
First Eviction On Wednesday: 9.0 (Ladbrokes)

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

The former Playboy models believe they can win the show but are being shown up for the devious, two-faced women they are. They are prepared to form an alliance with anybody else in the house to avoid nomination but are blissfully unaware there will be no more. They really dislike Frankie which will do them no favours now he is the favourite to win.

To Win Outright: 21.0 (Sky Bet)
First Eviction On Wednesday: 7.0 (Ladbrokes)

Nicola McLean

Former Page 3 model Nicola has been the rank outsider to win the show for weeks and the odds-on favourite for eviction every time she has been up. But, she has survived at the expense of three other housemates. Nicola does not come across as a very nice person but could survive until the final if the public want a few more days of her causing arguments in the house.

To Win Outright: 101.0 (bet365)
First Eviction On Wednesday: 1.73 (Ladbrokes)

Nicola McLean Favourite For Fourth Celebrity Big Brother Eviction

Nicola McLean finds herself favourite for eviction in Celebrity Big Brother betting as all but one housemate faces the public vote this Friday.

Former Page 3 model Nicola is available at a best priced 2.0 (Coral) to leave the house while current bookmakers favourite to win the show, ex-rugby star Gareth Thomas, is the only housemate safe from eviction.

Minutes after Georgia Salpa became the third celebrity evicted from this year’s series, the remaining nine housemates were required to give their nominations for Friday’s show in front of eachother.

Anyone nominated was put up for eviction and former Welsh international Gareth was the only celebrity not to receive a single nomination.

Gareth to win is currently a best-priced 4.0 (Bet Victor) to win the show outright while Nicola remains the rank outsider at 101.0 (Boylesports).

Here are the odds on the remaining seven celebrities:

Kirk Norcross

Kirk’s popularity with the betting public appears to decrease by the day but he remains relatively safe from nominations. Georgia being out of the house means one less for him to receive and in the last round of voting, only the twins nominated him. Unlikely to leave this Friday despite being second favourite to do so.

Evicted On Friday: 3.5 (Paddy Power)
To Win Outright: 41.0 (Sportingbet)

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Increasingly unpopular inside the house, six out of eight housemates who could vote for the twins on Wednesday night, did vote for them. They believe the public will save them up their put up for eviction and that will be put to the test this Friday… and if they survive, on the next eviction night!

Evicted On Friday: 11.0 (Ladbrokes)
To Win Outright: 17.0 (Boylesports)

Michael Madsen

Like the twins, Michael received six nominations from a possible eight and there must be more to his spat with Denise than we see on the edited shows. The highlights portray Denise as somebody who is becoming increasingly unhinged while Michael appears to just want to be left alone.

Evicted On Friday: 15.0 (bet365)
To Win Outright: 8.0 (Betfred)

Denise Welch

On the verge of cracking up. She cannot seem to leave Michael alone and his pushing his toleration to the limit. Denise is also getting more reckless after each night of alcohol being downed, which culminated in her going topless in the hot tub with Frankie during his birthday celebrations.

Evicted On Friday: 17.0 (Paddy Power)
To Win Outright: 17.0 (Ladbrokes)


Doing nothing wrong but the knives are out for the former So Solid Crew member. Frankie only nominated him on Wednesday because “nobody else would” while Natalie and Nicola previously considered nominating him because he was not as loud and chaotic as other housemates. Nicola leaving would help him remain in the house.

Evicted On Friday: 17.0 (Ladbrokes)
To Win Outright: 10.0 (Sportingbet)

Natalie Cassidy

Received just one nomination – from the twins. Natalie remains popular in the house and with the voting public although she has slipped into third in the running behind Gareth and steamer Frankie.

Evicted On Friday: 34.0 (Paddy Power)
To Win Outright: 5.0 (bet365)

Frankie Cocozza

The turnaround in Frankie’s popularity among punters is remarkable. He is just as annoying in the house as the day he went in and is being portrayed as a serial masturbator in the edited highlights. However, his odds on winning outright continue to shorten…

Evicted On Friday: 51.0 (Ladbrokes)
To Win Outright: 4.3 (Coral)

Georgia Salpa Favourite For Third Celebrity Big Brother Eviction

Georgia Salpa is the bookmaker’s favourite to be third person evicted from this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

The Irish model received eight votes from the nine possible she was able to receive and is a best priced 1.25 (Sky Bet) to leave the house on Wednesday night.

She faces grumpy actor Michael Madsen, who was favourite to win the show briefly last week but is now fourth in the running.

Georgia hasn’t received much coverage in the edited shows but according to her fellow housemates, it’s because she doesn’t talk much or get involved in the day-to-day activities. She has struck up a bond with Karissa and Kristina but that is unlikely to save her this week.

Madsen had not been portrayed will this week and got into a major argument with Denise Welch. This did not go down well with the rest of the house and six nominations put him up for eviction.

However, the edited show last night saw him make up somewhat with Denise which suggests to the voting public that he’s “not that bad after all”. Madsen may have blown his chance of winning outright, but he should be safe this week.

If you want to back him to leave instead of Georgia, he’s available at a best priced 4.5 (Boylesports).

Michael is available to win outright at 7.0 (Bet Victor) while Georgia can be backed at 67.0 (Paddy Power).

Here is a betting update on the rest of the Celebrity Big Brother contestants:

Gareth Thomas

Former rugby player Gareth has edged into pole position to win the competition. He seems to get on with everybody in the house and does not get involved in the bitching-fests that occur on a nightly basis. Always there for the other housemates when they need him and a motivator to get them through difficult tasks.

Best Odds: 3.75 (Coral)

Natalie Cassidy

The former favourite has slipped in the betting after displaying a slightly bitchy side. The actress is still well liked in the house but she may no longer have what it takes to win.

Best Odds: 4.5 (bet365)


A potential dark horse to win. Romeo goes about his business confidently and quietly and is yet to receive a single nomination. Like Gareth, he is there for his other housemates when they need him and doesn’t get involved in the nastier side of life in the house.

Best Odds: 5.5 (Betfred)

Frankie Cocozza

Won immunity from nominations this week after winning a task with Nicola which keeps him in the house for another few days at least.His “bromance” with Kirk may lead to his downfall.

Best Odds: 8.5 (Boylesports)

Denise Welch

Appears to have blown her chances of winning after her spat with Michael. She is a complete nightmare after a few drinks and then bleats to Big Brother in the Diary Room about how she thought everyone “gets her”. We all “get” it, Denise, you can’t take your drink.

Best Odds: 15.0 (Sky Bet)

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

The twins spend most of their time bitching about either Kirk or Nicola and talking about how hot they are. Sure, they are nice to look at but there’s not much else beyond that. They will lose a close ally when Georgia is evicted.

Best Odds: 19.0 (Bet Victor)

Kirk Norcross

Becoming increasingly unpopular and arguably straying into “sex pest” territory. After failing to impress the twins, Kirk has been all over both Georgia and the evicted Natasha like a cheap suit. When his advances are not reciprocated, he is rude to those who spurned him. Childish.

Best Odds: 34.0 (Betfred)

Nicola McLean

I still can’t see why glamour model Nicola was kept in the house ahead of Natasha last weekend. Even if she hadn’t won immunity from being nominated this week she may have survived due to the unpopularity of Georgia and the situation between Michael and Denise. Still a rank outsider and possible weekend eviction fodder.

Best Odds: 101.0 (Ladbrokes)

Nicola McLean Favourite For Second Celebrity Big Brother Eviction

Nicola McLean is set to be the second eviction during the 2012 run of Celebrity Big Brother.

The former Page 3 model remains the rank outsider to win the competition at 101.0 (Coral) but is the bookmaker’s favourite to leave the house next at a best price of 1.44 (Paddy Power).

Andrew Stone became the first celebrity evicted from the house last night and the contestant who was spared, Georgia Salpa, was immediately called to the Diary Room.

The underwear model was put on the spot to name two contestants who be put up for eviction on Friday.

After much prompting from Big Brother, she chose Natasha Giggs and Nicola McLean.

Both women appeared shocked and disappointed to be named and like Georgia in the days before the first eviction, will try and win over the voting public by any means necessary.

Neither Natasha nor Nicola appeared to have much support from the public attending the live show as a chorus of boos rang out as each name was announced by presenter Brian Dowling.

However, Natasha has been portrayed in a more positive light during the edited shows and there is a possibility of a storyline involving actor Michael Madsen.

Natasha can be backed at a best-priced 2.75 (bet365) to be evicted but at this stage it looks like Nicola will face another reality television exit.

Celebrity Big Brother Winner

Former Eastenders actress Natalie Cassidy remains the bookmakers favourite to win the show. The 28-year-old can be backed at a best-priced 3.25 (Betfred).

Other Celebrity Big Brother Winners:

  • Denise Welch @ 4.5 (Ladbrokes)
  • Gareth Thomas @ 7.5 (Sportingbet)
  • Michael Madsen @ 8.0 (Sky Bet)
  • Romeo @ 9.0 (Bet Victor)
  • Frankie Cocozza @ 13.0 (bet365)
  • Kirk Norcross @ 26.0 (Betfred)
  • Karissa and Kristina Shannon @ 41.0 (Sky Bet)
  • Natasha Giggs @ 41.0 (Coral)
  • Georgia Salpa @ 67.0 (Sportingbet)
  • Nicola McLean @ 101.0 (Coral)

Top Man

The bookmakers cannot split Michael Madsen and Gareth Thomas for the “top man” market in Celebrity Big Brother betting. Michael can be backed at 3.5 (Paddy Power) while Gareth can also be backed at 3.5 (bet365).

Other Top Man Odds:

  • Romeo @ 4.0 (Boylesports)
  • Frankie Cocozza @ 5.5 (Coral)
  • Kirk Norcross @ 9.0 (bet365)

Top Woman

Seeing as she leads the betting to win the show outright, it comes as no surprise that Natalie Cassidy is odds-on to finish as the show’s top woman. Natalie can be backed at a best priced 1.73 (Coral).

Other Top Woman Odds:

  • Denise Welch @ 2.62 (bet365)
  • Karissa and Kristina Shannon @ 17.0 (Coral)
  • Natasha Giggs @ 21.0 (Paddy Power)
  • Georgia Salpa @ 26.0 (bet365)
  • Nicola McLean @ 41.0 (Paddy Power)

Georgia Salpa To Be First Celebrity Big Brother Eviction

Model Georgia Salpa is the call to be the first evictee in this series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The underwear model has received very little coverage during her stint in the house other than pretending to flirt with Kirk Norcross since she was put up for eviction.

Surprisingly, she can still be backed at 2.0 (bet365) after being as short as 1.40 yesterday. This price is even more tempting after Ladbrokes revealed 95 percent of all elimination bets have been placed on her.

In comparison, Andrew Stone’s delusions of grandeur and poorly hidden devastation at being put up for eviction has been a focal point of the edited shows. Stone is car crash television and you wonder what he is going to come out with next. He has already confided in current bookmaker’s favourite Natalie Cassidy he believes he will be a judge on the X Factor.

If there’s one thing the British viewing public enjoy, it’s somebody having a breakdown in front of them. Dance teacher and A-list celebrity in his own mind Stone can also be backed at 2.0 (Ladbrokes).

The 26-year-old Salpa received five nominations by Denise, Gareth, Natalie, Nicola and Romeo while Stone was nominated seven times by Frankie, Gareth, Georgia, Kirk, Michael, Natalie and Natasha.

Here’s how the other housemates fair in the betting:

Natalie Cassidy

Actress Natalie remains the favourite to win the series and did not receive any votes from her fellow housemates. She is tackling the tasks set by Big Brother with good humour and is endearing herself to the other celebrities and viewers alike.

Best Odds: 3.25 (Betfred)

Denise Welch

Like Natalie, daytime television presenter and actress Denise also remained free from nominations during the first round. She seems likeable and is getting on with everybody, hence her edging to second favourite in the betting.

Best Odds: 5.0 (Paddy Power)

Gareth Thomas

Former rugby player Gareth earned just one nomination – from grouchy Michael Madsen whom he compared to a “pig” due to his persistant snoring. Getting involved with the tasks and appears popular.

Best Odds: 7.5 (Sportingbet)

Michael Madsen

Actor Madsen has grown in popularity after a tough introduction to life in the house. Initially, he looked like he didn’t belong but now he’s settling in better. He has a thing for Natasha Giggs which may be interesting to watch develop over the next few days. Surprisingly, he received one nomination from Denise, who he seems to get on well with.

Best Odds: 8.0 (Bet Victor)


The singer has not received a lot of coverage in the edited shows but also did not receive any nominations from his fellow housemates either. Staying under the radar.

Best Odds: 9.0 (bet365)

Frankie Cocozza

The former X Factor contestant has made his sexual frustrations clear during his few days in the house and is getting on the twins nerves. He received votes from Karissa and Kristina and also Andrew. He may get even more during the next round of voting.

Best Odds: 11.0 (Betfred)

Kirk Norcoss

Despite constantly hitting on both Georgia and the twins, Kirk did not receive any nominations from his fellow housemates. Still appears popular even if his odds on winning have lengthened.

Best Odds: 21.0 (Sportingbet)

Natasha Giggs

Still has no chance of winning but something is developing between her and Michael. Getting involved with another married man? Who’d have thunk it? Received nominations from Andrew and Romeo.

Best Odds: 41.0 (Boylesports)

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

They look pretty and appear to be getting involved in the house activities but they are sitting ducks for the second eviction. They received four nominations from Frankie, Kirk, Natasha and Nicola.

Best Odds: 41.0 (Sky Bet)

Nicola McLean

Now the rank outsider to win because she lacks a likeability factor. Continually bitching about other housemates will see a rise in the nominations she received from Georgia and the twins next time the votes are in.

Best Odds: 101.0 (Coral)

Natalie Cassidy Early Favourite To Win Celebrity Big Brother 2012

Former Eastenders actress Natalie Cassidy is the early favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother 2012. The 28-year-old was the first to enter the house and was immediately issued a task by Big Brother where she had to act out “hilarious” instructions given to her by way of a hidden earpiece.

Cassidy can be backed at 3.75 (Ladbrokes) and at this stage looks a good bet for the following reasons:

  • She is a mum and will no doubt earn the sympathy vote by shedding a few tears because she is “missing” the child she abandoned to go on television in the first place.
  • Viewers will see her as “loveable Sonia” from Eastenders and if further sympathy is required, she can discuss her abusive ex-partner.
  • She seems to be a down-to-earth type and not in love with herself like other contestants.

Even after a few hours in the house, the competition is Cassidy’s to lose.

Here are the other celebrities taking part in this year’s show:

Kirk Norcross

The token entry from faux-reality show The Only Way is Essex is bound to have an army of supporters of the teenage girl variety and the odds suggest he could make the final.

Best Odds: 6.0 (bet365)

Gareth Thomas

The most capped Welsh rugby player of all time but arguably more known for being the first professional to come out of the closet and continue playing. Seems nice enough and doesn’t appear as “desperate” as other contestants.

Best Odds: 6.5 (Betfred)

Denise Welch

Will surely get the housewives vote due to her popularity on lunchtime HRT-fest Loose Women. Despite being better suited to a Saga holiday, Denise is quite the hell raiser and should be good fun when the wine starts flowing.

Best Odds: 8.5 (Betfred)


Enjoyed fame and popularity several years ago as part of the So Solid Crew and had a couple of hit singles as a solo artist. Real name Marvin Dawkins, he’s been off the radar since his stint on reality show The Games in 2006 and appears to be making up the numbers here.

Best Odds: 9.0 (Sky Bet)

Frankie Cocozza

Desperately clinging onto his 15 minutes of fame after being booted out of the X Factor for cocaine abuse. You have to wonder what the lad, just 18, is going to do with his life when media interest in him finally runs out.

Best Odds: 11.0 (Paddy Power)

Georgia Salpa

Pneumatic Irish glamour model who must be on the show to “raise her profile”. Yawn.

Best Odds: 26.0 (Betfred)

Michael Madsen

Best known for his role as “Mr Blonde” in Reservoir Dogs, Madsen must really need the money to be doing this show. He claimed he had “no idea” what Big Brother was about and after entering the house looked like a fish out of water. Unlikely to last the distance.

Best Odds: 26.0 (Bet Victor)

Andrew Stone

Fame hungry desperado best known for his appearances on Pineapple Dance Studios. Has the potential to become very annoying, very quickly.

Best Odds: 34.0 (bet365)

Natasha Giggs

Not a celebrity. Even remotely. She’s famous because she cheated on her husband with his brother (a certain Ryan Giggs) over a period of eight years and is cashing in as a result. Vile.

Best Odds: 34.0 (Sky Bet)

Nicola McLean

Former Page 3 model who seems to be doing the rounds on reality television shows. She was in the 2008 run of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. She didn’t do too well in that, either…

Best Odds: 41.0 (Betfred)

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

After Jedward participated in last year’s show, Karissa and Kristina fulfil the “twins” requirement this time around. Despite being gorgeous enough to move in with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, they are not particularly well known in the UK and are rank outsiders to win the show.

Best Odds: 67.0 (Betfred)